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Thermistor and ceramic capacitor manufacturer in China

Welcome to Ke Min Electronics Co. Ltd. We are an ISO9001 certified thermistor, ceramic capacitor, and LED lighting manufacturer, located in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China. Our vast array of products includes NTC thermistors, PTC thermistors, high voltage ceramic capacitors, LED lights, and more. There are countless applications for our highly sought after, energy efficient LED lighting products, such as: LED street lights, LED spotlights, and even LED light fixture. Ke Min's superior quality and economical prices have made our products popular with customers from as far and wide as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and Southeast Asia, to Europe and North America.

Main Products
  • NTC Thermistor
  • NTC ThermistorOur thermistor is a kind of ceramic semiconductor made by transition metal oxide. Its resistance valve decreases while the temperature rises. Due to this characteristic, the thermistor is widely used in power loop to restrain surge current and minimize the resistance value of thermistor...
  • PTC Thermistor
  • PTC ThermistorPositive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistor is a kind of thermally sensitive semiconductor resistors. Its resistance value increases with increasing temperature.
    We offer four models of PLC thermistors for our worldwide customers to choose from, including ...
  • NTC Thermistor, Temperature Sensor
  • NTC Thermistor, Temperature Sensor, MF58 ModelOur MF58 model NTC thermistor, temperature sensor utilizes combined technology of ceramic process and semiconductor process. It adopts an enclosed glass structure with axial lead at both ends...
  • AC Capacitor (Ceramic Capacitor)
  • AC Capacitor (Ceramic Capacitor)We really appreciate your interest in our AC capacitor. Ke Min Company sincerely looks forward to cooperate with you.
    Our AC capacitor is safe to use, and it belongs to ceramic capacitor. Its specific specifications are ....
  • High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor
  • High Voltage Ceramic CapacitorThank you for your interest in our high voltage ceramic capacitor!
    Our high voltage ceramic capacitor is designed with flame-retardant insulating coating. It requires high voltage DC power supply. ....
  • LED Flashlight (LED Torch)
  • LED Flashlight (LED Torch)The LED flashlight, which is also called LED torch, is manufactured by Ke Min Company, a primary LED flashlight manufacturer located in China. We offer a comprehensive range of LED torch for you to choose from. In the following text, we will introduce them to you one by one ...
  • Panel LED Light
  • Panel LED LightOur panel LED light can give out soft light, so it helps to alleviate eye fatigue. In addition, it is eco-friendly, and has properties of low power consumption, high luminous efficiency and strong lighting intensity.....
  • LED Street Light
  • LED Street LightOur LED street light, which is also called LED road lighting, is eco-friendly and energy saving. Equipped with superior quality heat sinks, the LED street light has good heat dissipation effect and thus extend its lifespan.....
Welcome to Nan Jing Ke Min Electronics CO. LTD.

As one of the first thermistor and ceramic capacitor manufacturers in China, we have much experience in providing our global customers with high quality, reliable, and affordable thermistors and AC capacitors. We accomplish this by manufacturing each product in strict accordance with ISO standards, conducting quality inspections at every step of production, and implementing an Economic Responsibility System, which gives incentives to employees to conserve resources and energy during production. We also have an extremely efficient management system, which allows us to purchase quality raw materials at low prices. All these factors help to improve our competitiveness in providing the best, lowest priced NTC thermistors and high voltage ceramic capacitors available.

We give great attention to staying market-oriented, focusing on quality, and continuing our constant product innovations. Since our inception, thermistors, AC capacitors, and LED lights have been our core products, but new products are also continually being developed to evolve with the demands of our customers. Our research and development department, which uses the most advanced production and inspection equipment, coupled with our highly technically trained staff, we are able to offer the most current and advanced products to our customers, worldwide.

Our explosive growth, with export sales increasing by 80% each year, and the popularity of our SGS and CQC certified products, have earned us recognition from such noteworthy companies as Skyworth Group, SANTAK, Great Wall Electronics, and Kstar. We are also in the process of applying for Canada-US' C-UL and EU VDE certification, so our global customers can feel secure in inquiring and ordering our products.

Located in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, we have access to convenient air, land, and water transportation facilities, which allows us to offer low shipping prices to our customers.

If you are in need of thermistors, ceramic capacitors, or LED lighting products, please do not hesitate to contact us. The staff at Ke Min is ready and waiting to help you with whatever lighting needs you have.